Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tree Trimming!

Oh, the joys of home ownership....

Yesterday, one of the big tree branches out front came down, so Steph and the Old Man bought a chain-saw-on a stick and Steph's brother Josh came down for the day and made an afternoon of it.

Josh is real excited by this manly stuff...

But that chainsaw-on-a-stick is heavier than it looks.

When all else fails, just try and yank the fucking branch off.

Tessa found us all very amusing...

Cutting things down got kind of fun... let's cut down some more stuff!

Josh wants a record of his manliness....

Now Josh attempts to cut down a branch with the careful guidance of the Old Man...

And... holy crap does that branch come down!

He's just got something in his eye...

Oh yeah, it was a little close for comfort. Can you tell we're all from Battle Ground?

Surveying the damage.


It's a family affair.

Time to clean up.

Seriously, look how manly he is! (do I get a dollar now, Josh?)

The old man asks me why I'm not "getting to work." As you can see from these photos, I did fuck all. I talked to my boyfriend and worked on Black Desert. I'm a writer, you know.

But I did sort of pretend to haul some things to the curb.

Ah, yes, look at that tree! Still a mess, really, but a better mess. Really.

Josh is cutting things! It's so manly!

I was going to put in a picture of Josh's ass here, as it would show how manly he was, but I'll settle for this one.

A job well done (in a manly way!)

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Josh said...

You've completely made my day with these photos/captions. I owe you coffee or something. Thanks.

"The Manliest Mother Fucker in the History of Mankind"

Kameron Hurley said...

Hey, I'm just keepin it real, man :)