Sunday, July 29, 2007

Why Star Wars Fans Hate Star Wars

One of the best fan rants ever:

Maybe I’ll put it like this. To be a Star Wars fan, one must possess the ability to see a million different failures and downfalls, and then somehow assemble them into a greater picture of perfection. Every true Star Wars fan is a Luke Skywalker, looking at his twisted, evil father, and somehow seeing good.

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Jackie M. said...

Oh, it's really not all that soul-crushingly complex or twisted. Star Wars was pretty, and fun; lots of things went boom in impressive ways; the acting was so-so, occasionally entertaining; and it all happened IN SPAAAAACE.

Then the prequels sucked rocks.

He's right about the ideal death-time of GL, however. See above the comment on prequels.

Jackie M. said...

Also, I question the premise that "Star Wars fans hate Star Wars." If that were really true, how do you explain the existence of Star Wars fans who have memorized the names of all every single minor character in all of the movies (as well as the tie-in novels), who can can recite every line from every movie (including Greedo's and Jabba's), and who know the dimensions of an Executor-class Star Destroyer to three significant digits?

Star Wars fans want to hate Star Wars; Star Wars fans want to be a complex, inexplicable phenomenon.

But, really, they're just dorks.

Kameron Hurley said...

I got the impression that "star wars fans hate star wars" was... well, pretty tongue-in-cheek.

Jackie M. said...

It's complicated.

Jackie M. said...

(Okay, not really.)

Kameron Hurley said...

Ah, Jackie. You're great :)

Jackie M. said...

If only GL had died in 1990...!