Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Conferring Status

Why do so many forms in Ohio ask for my "marital status"? Is this something I'm just noticing now because I've been to so many doctors the last year, or is this something you see more often in Ohio?

Maybe I'm just annoyed at the idea of describing myself based on a legal relationship. I mean, I'm not planning on getting married, so does that mean I'll be perpetually single my whole life? I don't mind this, of course, since I do live an effectively single life (minus some important bits, obviously), but I don't see what my marital status has to do with the current state of my health or the symptoms I'm suffering from.

When I went into the ER for my ankle, the admitting nurse asked me if I was "currently in a living situation with people I trust." This seems to be a better question to ask someone receiving care than whether or not they're single. Just because they're married doesn't mean they trust or live with their partner, and just because they're single doesn't mean they don't live with and/or don't trust their partner (and I have no idea what bearing "divorced" or "separated" would have, either and especially).

And no, it's not under the "insurance" heading, so I can't really see what the purpose is.

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Jackie M. said...

I think it confers visiting rights? Like immediate family? Also if you end up in a coma (hah) and someone needs to make a decision about life support? Something like that?

You know, the person to ask would be a gay man/lesbian in a committed relationship... they tend to know exactly what's being denied them in these situations.