Friday, August 10, 2007

Geeky Passions

In a discussion about the origins of the word "geek," a coworker pointed me to the Wikipedia entry for the word, where, among the uncited definitions, I found this:

A definition common among self-identified geeks is: "one who is primarily motivated by passion," indicating somebody whose reasoning and decision making is always first and foremost based on her passions rather than things like financial reward or social acceptance. Geeks do not see the typical "geeky" interests as interesting, but as objects of passionate devotion. The idea that the pursuit of personal passions should be the fundamental driving force to all decisions could be considered the most basic shared tenet among geeks of all varieties. Geeks consider such pursuits to be their own defining characteristic.

Geeks are people who pursue things passionately?

Definately not a Webster's definition, but I'm fascinated by the idea that there are self-identified geeks who use the word that way. I wonder if it's total hooey or the wiki writer was speaking from personal experience.

I am also interested in the default "she" in that particular definition.

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