Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Mod Workshop

Some people collect comic books. Some people collect GI Joes. Some people collect those little fake knights that you paint.

I collect.... well, MLPs. I also create pony mods, an art with a short but glorious history.

Steph and the Old Man have a big basement, and Stephanie has set up a nice little quilting corner on her side of the basement for herself:

And on my side of the basement... well, I set up my pony modding workshop and was finally able to display all the ponies (mods and standards) that I've had to keep boxed up because I didn't have any shelves for them (Friday was my first Real Money pay day since, you know, I was laid off in December).

Why yes, those are ponies in various states of disassembly there on the table:

I haven't been at this very long, so I'm not up to making stuff like this, this or this, but I'm working with what I've got, and I have a lot of fun with it. When you get really good, pony mods go for anywhere from $20-$110, but if you try and break it down in time and materials, believe me, it's not a real investment. It's like writing short fiction, actually.

A few where the pics actually turned out:

My Nyx Mod


In my actual collection, I have some goodies (flutters w/wings - $20 a pop if they're in good condition):

But I'd wager the whole collection isn't worth more than $600 or so, as I don't have a $500 collection of these (though I wouldn't mind one).

So if you were every burningly curious about what I do when I'm not working, writing, learning French, applying for jobs at the UN, watching Netflix movies, reading books about middle eastern history and violence, playing video games, or obsessively hitting my "Stumbleupon" button, well...

Wonder no more.

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Gigi said...

There are no words. The ass-kickin' Kameron in my head wouldn't touch those things with a ten foot pole.

Then again, you do take their heads off...

You've got your ponies, I've got my scrapbooking, I say we're even.

Kameron Hurley said...

What can I say?

I'm full of surprises.

Jackie M. said...

mmm. Decapitated unicorns....

(That Nyx pony is SO AWESOME. So awesome, she makes me worry that you may have ignored your own advice about making your protagonist ugly.)

Rajan said...

These are the kind of discoveries that I love - unexpected, both fetishistic and creative.

I think it's cool.

Kirsten said...

My Little Ponies! I would have killed for that collection when I was about 7.