Sunday, October 14, 2007

More Reasons to Take Martial Arts Classes

Because most fights only have to last about this long.

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Perpetual Beginner said...

Yep. Most genuine fights last a few seconds at most. Frequently less.

Jackie M. said...

The racial stereotypes make me want to vomit into my coffee. But other than that...

Kameron Hurley said...

Yeah, the voiceover and steretypes annoyed the fucking hell out of me. I debated about whether or not to link to it for awhile, and then gave in because the narrator does such a huge buildup and then... it's all over.

It's something I hear a lot about - that most fights last about 2 seconds, but I haven't see it illustrated very often.

Pity it was clipped this way, tho, yeah.

jeff said...

I've seen this video before, and while it is pretty impressive as far as what training can do in a real-life fight, it's disturbing on so many other levels. Let's think about what the best thing for all involved would be? Is it that the 'pimp' got beat down, and then got back into a cab with the woman he was fighting with originally? So now she gets to go be alone with a man who thinks nothing of smacking people who can't defend themselves, and he's had a beatdown, so who's he going to take it out on?

On the other hand, kudos to the martial artist for trying to do *something*, but how about trying to help the woman get away from the guy, rather than just beating the guy and walking away?

No easy answers, I know, but I just cringe thinking about what the guy who lost the fight did to that woman when he got her alone, in part because of rage he felt at being beaten down in public.

Kameron Hurley said...

And I agree as far as the situation is concerned. I would rather people intervened in a violent situation than let it lie, but it's certainly no solution to the underlying problem.

As you said, the person who's going to get beaten on, once again, is the same person who was beaten on in the first place. We get to feel good for intervening, but it's not a solution.

But... to NOT say something? After living in Chicago for four years, I can honestly say I'd rather intervene than walk away.