Monday, October 15, 2007

Yes, This is What Happens at Planned Parenthood

Over 90% of women of childbearing age use some sort of contraception method. I quickly became aware that my male gender has allowed me to pass through medical school (and life!) totally ignorant of all of this. My patients came in using almost everything–condoms, the pill, the patch, Nuvaring, Depo–and I was left perplexed. What a humbling role reversal–this was one of the first times it’s been so painfully obvious that my patients are more informed about their health and medicines than me.

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Catrina said...

I love his attitude, and I really found it amazing that an educated person without a certain political bent would think of PP as Abortions R Us. Crazy to think how many other people must not get it.

Also, you've got to love where the negative comments start at "OMG 12 year olds having sex!" and that they assume anyone that young MUST be being taken advantage of by some older person.

Kameron Hurley said...

Yeah, the netnanny we were thinking of going with at worked blocked the PP site because it was an "abortion advocate."

Needless to say, I wrote up a complaint, and they've since taken down the netnanny and are reconsidering a lot of the automatic blocking (I was not the onlyone who complained).

Jackie M. said...

I like the bit where he realizes that a.) these women/girls know waaay more about their health than he does and b.) he *was* assuming the opposite.

Amylia said...

I, too, really like how he mentions that these women/girls know more about their health than he does and he assumed the opposite. WTF? As a t1 diabetic, I've never had an endo or doc who really knew more about my condition and my health than I did. Rather flipping presumptuous to assume otherwise. Bastages!