Thursday, November 01, 2007

No Christmas for You

I can get tickets home for the holidays for just under $700, or just under $800 if I want to avoid Chicago and Denver and get out at a reasonable hour. I used to think getting home from Chicago for just under $600 was a raw deal.

Ah, the joys of living in Ohio.

I'll get home for the holidays, sure, but nobody's getting presents this year.


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La Gringa said...

Bummer. I wish air travel wasn't so damned expensive. My own flight to Georgia this year is just going to be out of reach; no trip home again for the third year.

At least all that money you're saving on medical expenses gets to gop toward something fun! :-)

David Moles said...

Have you looked at flying out of Cincinnatti? Getting down there would be a bit of a pain, maybe, but you might save a couple of hundred bucks.

Kameron Hurley said...

No way to get to Cincinnati. The roommates are out of the town and the boyfriend has his most crapalistic work schedule right around then, sadly.

Catrina said...

I can't remember where exactly in Ohio you are, but if you're near Columbus or Cleveland you can get way better deals at Southwest. Now I personally hate some of their policies (I'm always afraid they'll make me buy another seat, although they never have), but we're talking about getting an $800 flight down to about $300 roundtrip, at the outside. So I'd say if you can swing it, go with'em. You can look up/purchase tickets at

I know this because I am a cheap bastard. Also broke. :)

Catrina said...

Der, it's right in your profile. Well, what you can do is book a greyhound to get you to and possibly from Columbus (which is the closer of the two Southwest choices). I looked it up roundtrip and it only added $34 to your price. You can book the tickets online and either pick them up there or have them mailed. Of course, that means getting TO the Greyhound station, and I have no idea how close that is to your place, although it's probably still cheaper to pay a cab/local bus to get you there because it'll still be about half the cost of the other flights.

Treat Queen said...

That's insane. I just bought tickets to France for $800. Just get your own private plane.