Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What Else?

Nothing else to say, really. All 1500 of our stores open January 2nd. It is tax season, and the Crazy has just begun.

Really, not a lot of tangible things happening. I don't have much time to overthink, rethink, or contemplate. Still Too Much Boyfriend, but in a good way. I have added gymming, French, pony mods, and getting my sugar numbers back under tight control to that, so all's fair. Am succeeding moderately well with these.

Still need to do more writing. I am overfull of writerly angst right now, however. Probably something to do with being on crazy work writing deadlines.

It's a matter of getting my shit together. Tra la.

I do wonder if there's a limit on things you can do well all at once. I'd really like to write a lot, succeed at my day job (which pays my health insurance, thanks), and have a happy personal life, but I'm thinking you can only get two out of three at a time.

I don't like that math, though.

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