Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dating 101

If you go on a date with a girl and:

1) she does not contact you for a week (no call, text, e-mail)
2) you do not contact her for a week (no call, text, e-mail)

She will likely make the assumption that you're aware she is not interested, and has already happily assumed you are not interested as well.

So when you do call, a week later, she will be very Perplexed.

I have book deadlines now. Tra-la.

At this point, it'd take a pretty swoon-worthy date to pull my attention away from the book deadlines.

I have yet to have one of those.

3 comments so far. What are your thoughts?

Matthew said...

Yes, write faster!

But really, one week? That's the window? I guess it would sort of depend on context. I can sort of accept a week as a rule of thumb, but if it goes really well and its understood that both parties are really busy or something... I don't know. I have nothing to add.

Kameron Hurley said...

See, I have this thing about passion. If you really like the person and want to see them again, you know, you send them a little note or text afterward like, "Hey, that was fun! We should hang out again!" after a first or second date.

Otherwise, things just peter out. But then, maybe I just move on really quickly if I don't sense that fire from the other person. I gotta be with somebody who's really interested in me, and vice versa. If it's so-so or mediocre, it's boring.

Jackie M. said...

Hell, speaking as someone who suspects passion of sentimentality and prefers to avoid it if at all possible: If the other party is so busy he/she needs more than a week for a follow-up window... s/he's much too busy to have time for me.