Saturday, April 05, 2008

It's Funny

I need some kind of intellectual stimulation to get turned on. The person can be cute as hell, but unless there's some kind of intellectual engagement, I'm just not interested in any more more than cuddling.

I need someone who challenges me.

Smart, witty guys are really fucking hot.

The rest I could take or leave.

Not that cute isn't a great bonus, mind you, but the hottest sex I've ever had was with somebody who'd look me in the eye and take me on. Physically - in a literally powerful way in that we were pretty evenly matched in strength and the power of our desires - and intellectually - in his ability to question, challenge, and engage on every level.

And that's a really tough combination to find.

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Jackie M. said...

Yes, well... but... Oh look, a kitten in a measuring cup!

Travis said...

hahaha ooooh shiny

Travis said...

oh wait.. I forgot.. somebody needs to add a can of AXE


Kameron Hurley said...

Everything is better with Axe!~

Lady of Blue Potatoes said...

I so agree.