Friday, May 30, 2008

Learning How to Write... And Write. And Promote What You Write

One of the great things about the day job is that I've been learning how to write in so many different modes. I've written training scripts, marketing scripts, brochures, newsletters, blurbs, SOPs, various scripts for franchise recruting videos, the occasional press release, resumes, bios, SEO optimized web copy, regular web copy, funding proposals, and much more.

It's sort of been a crash course in all of these different types of writing. It's involved a lot of research and a lot of trial and error.

The good part about learning that kind of breadth and flexibility is that when one of the two comic book artists here at work (yes, we have TWO comic book artists. What are the odds?) approached me about doing a project together, I was eager to see how I could use that opportunity to promote GW for next year.

I've always thought the God's War books would be awesome comic book material. I mean, wicked owmen warriors and heads being chopped off and guns and bugs and magicians and shapeshifters and blood oh my!

And it's cool "extra" stuff that you can pass out at readings, send off with signed copies, maybe post a free web comic on a revamped website of mine to drum up some interest, and basically just use to promote the book.

I spoke with my editor about the idea of doing a promotional God's War -related web comic or book; so long as it's promotional and nobody's making any money, it looks like that's doable. I'll see if it works out and run it by all parties once I actually have a sample concept in hand.

So now I'm spending a bunch of time learning how to write comic book scripts, which are a lot like movie scripts (hey, it's a good jumping off point to get there, too). The big challenge, I think, will be working with artists (can she please wear actual clothes? No, her boobs are not supposed to be bigger than her head. No, she's not going to end up mutilated in a refrigerator. Sorry.).

We'll see if the project works out; in the meantime, it's a hell of a lot of fun to learn how to write in another mode... again.

I also figure it's a good dry run in case I do want to do a GW comic book deal (or another type of comic book) for reals in the future. If I do this and it turns out 1) I like it 2) I'm good at it, then we'll see.

There are also some other promotional things in the works, including a re-design of my website which I'm trying to incorporate with my blog. That won't happen for awhile, since our web designer at work graciously offered to do it for free as one of his side projects (He knows I am a poor writer. I offered to pay his hourly rate! I did! But Ok, yeah, it's probably best if I put the grand that is my next book check toward my credit card...).

I have a lot of stuff in mind for the website, including GW extras, deleted scenes, demotivational posters, maps, etc. And, of course, a peek at the next series I'll be peddling after this one, which I am also very excited about, though it's at least two years away.

So I'm hoping there will be some swoony goodness to come over the next year prior to the GW launch. I have a crapload to do this year. Author photo, improved buffosity, promo brainstorming, local Dayton-arts-related people I need to contact to try and drum up readings and blah blah.

Oh yeah, and I have to finish, um, book two (20k to go! yeah, I've been stuck there for six weeks, but I've also been work-crazy and moving-crazy). Scheduled for a very leisurely personal August deadline right now (work has finally turned Less Crazy. It should remain that way through the summer, which is great, cause I have GW edits with the editor and book 2 to finish this summer. Being in a the tax industry is a pretty good thing, for a writer).

It's been a crazy few months.

Now that the gosh-gee-whiz-bang-wow of the book deal has worn off, I have a shitload of work to do.

It's going to be a crazy year.

Knowing this makes me so happy.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on producing your first unraped and unrefrigerated heroine. You are the stuff of myths.

La Gringa said...

Please tell me you retained your graphic novel rights to GW.


Kameron Hurley said...

Are these different rights from general book rights??

I thought they were the same... I'll look at the contract and ask Jennifer.