Thursday, May 08, 2008

To Do

1) Stop eating pizza
2) Black Desert should be DONE, yo (What's another 20K between friends? It's time to buckle down again. I've been on a deathmarch at work since the first week of April. It completely destroyed my writing work. Novel writing came to a full stop in order to make my work project deadline)
3) Workouts, yo. Two a week and my fives-days-a-week free weights aren't going to cut it. It's time to cardio hard.
4) Homework. I'm behind again.
5) Whatever happened to my French lessons? I need to get back on that to.
6) But, first things first: no more pizza. No more going out. It's killing my sugar and my pocketbook. It'll help to ease out of the work deathmarch.

Vacation at the end of the month!

Then maybe I'll actually have the headspace to start book 3 and start posting actual blog posts again! Miracle of miracles!

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Amie Stuart said...

I totally feel ya. I'm slowly but surely re-weaning myself off the sugar and wheat. After I make this deadline *insert insane laughter here* it's back to the gym!