Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I like that her boyfriend is boring and normal and cooks her dinner and babbles on domestically about nothing at all, all full of squishy affection.

Yet I tend to only fall hard for people who are just this side of nuts.

I get bored otherwise.

Yeah, I'm trying hard to grow out of that.

There's just no future in it.

But I do have mixed feelings when I get the flipside view of what partnering up with a loving, normal, but boring mate would look like.

I prefer my balcony-view and a life on the road. But a house and a dog might be nice.

3 comments so far. What are your thoughts?

Travis said...

Try finding someone who's affection is crazy? of has a crazy affection for you?


As long as they aren't literally crazy and have their shit together.

Kameron Hurley said...

Crazy for me hasn't worked out so well either.

I've gotten plenty of marriage proposals, remember?

Thing is, I've never felt strongly enough to ask anybody. *That's* the problem.

I need to find somebody who's wild about me who *I'm* wild about, too.

And who's interesting as opposed to just, well, crazy lol

But it's still low on the priority list. For now, I'd rather have a house and a dog and another book contract!

Jennifer said...

I hear that.

I don't like men, really. I have no interest in sports, cars, or the stereotypical manly macho man behavior. I am unfortunately heterosexual (or at any rate, bored at the idea of getting it on with female genitalia), which is a shame because I prefer female personalities to male most of the time.

You have to be one rare, weird bird of a guy to get/keep me interested in you. Unfortunately, there's not too many of those folks around, and they all tend to have issues even bigger than mine.

But when I try to settle for Perfectly Nice Stable Boring Guys, I can't even make it through more than a date or two without running away screaming.