Thursday, May 01, 2008

WoW finally chokes my computer

Finally gave in and bought WoW after the not-Boyfriend got me a two-months-free game card. Installed, ran out of space. Uninstalled several programs. WoW ran updates. Ran out of space again.

And it needs 512 MB of RAM. I have 507.

I'm not going to Wiscon.

I'm getting a proper gaming computer.


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Anonymous said...

Well, ok... as long as your character takes the time to challenge our assumptions about gender, race, class, and sexuality from time to time. THAT IS THE CONDITION HERE.

David D. Levine said...

Wiscon: fun convention, cool people, increased writing energy. New gaming computer with World of Warcrack: soul-deadening "entertainment," jaggy pixilated simulated people, huge gaping hole opened in what would otherwise be prime writing time. Not the choice I would have made.

Not that I'm biased or anything.

Di Francis said...

Oh, that's a bad thing. First, not going to Wiscon. Can you go without food instead? :)

I do not game. I learned my lesson with tetris and Myst. If I even got a game close to my computer, I might never write again. I give you much salutage for managing both. That is, once your computer agrees to participate.


Kameron Hurley said...

This was the first year that going to Wiscon and figuring out the money, the budget, the room, the personal politics, started to feel like work... not like fun. I have to go next year because I've got a book coming out in the fall, but this year... I just had no interest in dealing with Wiscon this year.

It's starting to feel more and more like high school, and I hated high school and cliques and "who knows who" power trips.

I'm tired. Maybe a year off from it will dull that impression and give me new eyes. I've had a rough few years.

Jackie M. said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey, what kind of character do you play, by the way? I'm going to guess some kind of bashy bashy fighter.

brhimberger said...

Eve Online is roughly twelve times better. You can cause far more suffering and destruction there, if that's your thing. Or you can mine rocks or something if it isn't.