Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dark Knight

Too long. By about half an hour. A typical problem with summer movies.

Also had one too many bad guys (why do they ALWAYS try and pack a *another* one in at the end instead of fleshing out the one they have?).

Extra bad wasn't necessary, as Ledger's joker was terrifying enough.

Not a happy superhero movie.

Just the way I like it.

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Jackie M. said...

Doesn't pass the Bechdel test by a long margin, way I hear it... have you seen the BitchPhD post?

Djiril said...

As I've been griping everywhere, why all the focus on future-Batgirl's brother when we don't even get to see future-Batgirl's face?

I enjoyed the movie aside from the gender issues, but it kind of pisses me off that the one female character who should have naturally been shown observing things and possibly being inspired by Batman was replaced in that roll by her completely insignificant brother!

Kameron Hurley said...

Ha. I didn't know the mythology actually, so I totally missed the Batgirl thing.

Not surprising, tho. It's a typical boy's own adventure comic book story. Boys will be boys and chicks exist to have bad things happen to them so the guys can fight over them.

This is Hollywood, where all the scripts are written by Peter Pan boys. Were we expecting better?

Jackie M. said...


Kameron Hurley said...

You know that what they'll do is make Gordon's son Robin, right?

That will neatly avoid the girl-cooties question all together.

I've realized that Nolan's movies are like Scott Lynch's books. They may be strong, interesting stories, but they are All About Boys. The women are all set pieces for the boys to fight over/angst over, etc. Which means they usually die (see also: The Prestige, Momento).

It's lazy, old-school boys' storytelling... and yes, it's true, as I was watching this movie I thought, "Is it any wonder I identify with boy heros? I have no other choice. I'm forced to identify with them or the women who's worth lies mainly in how tragically the men in their lives feel about their death."

The original version of Alien was an all male cast. Why did they cast two women? According to Ridley Scott, it was because, "Women's Lib was really big back then, and we figured we would get more women to watch it with women characters."

Gee, ya think?

And I've been seeing a disturbing amount of simliar all-male casts recently. Not just superhero moives, but anything that requires a little guts and action (T4 will not have Sarah Conner, either).

Where did all the women go? Not just the ones in Mamma Mia, either, but the kick ass heroines? Milla Jovovich and Sigourney Weaver have devolved into being literally man-made clones of themselves. All the assasin chicks (Jolie) are often playing second fiddle, or merely exist to add some spice to the male hero's story.

This is why I was happy to see the Red Sonja remake announced. It will go wrong in so many ways, but it's... something?

Anyway, yeah, I know.