Thursday, July 03, 2008

Things That Suck

A holiday weekend in which one has no money. I have $450 to make it to my next paycheck (and that's after just being paid *today*).

After paying off 3 outstanding medical bills and stuffing $700 toward the credit card, I'm out of cash again, and I have groceries and a Verizon bill to pay out of that $450 (and another $100 toward my last outstanding med bill). Did some freelance resume work, which will bring me my $30 in Chipotle money, but not until next week.


Long weekend of beer, video games, novel work, gymming, and peanut butter cookies ahead.

A year and a half of living like an adult to get me out of debt and in my own house.

Just a year and a half.

Man, this sucks.

Long push to get there.

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