Monday, August 04, 2008


The pod started beeping at me at 1:40am, which wasn't so bad because I was up anyway due to my 1:30 am sugar check and the fucking assholes downstairs with their yappy dog and loud college friends whose Friday and Saturday night parties seem to be carrying over into Sunday nights. This used to be such a quiet building before they moved in.

In any case, the pod and the meter started beeping, which usually means something bad, so I turned the meter back on and read, "Occlusion error, insulin delivery has stopped. Change pod now."

Oh, lovely.

Got up, deactivated it, filled up and activated a new one, and then couldn't get back to sleep for another hour because of said wild neighbors downstairs. Is it really necessary to slam every door in your apartment at 3am?

Honestly, I was far more annoyed at my asshole neighbors and their party-til-4am bullsit than a 2am pod change.

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Nikki said...

If it wasn't for the life-saving necessity of being able to hear the beeping of the pod, I would advocate for earplugs - they are the only way I sleep some nights. Noisy neighbors suck.