Sunday, August 31, 2008

An Open Letter to Baristas Everywhere

When I say I'd like sugarfree syrup, it's not because I'm being an annoying hippie. Please do not give me regular instead and tell me it's sugarfree.

The next time I test my sugar and it comes up, inexplicably, over 200, it's you I will thank, vociferously.

Thank you.

2 comments so far. What are your thoughts?

Steph said...

Omigod, I *HATE* it when they do that! Way, way back in the day when I worked fast food, I had this co-worker that thought it was "funny" to switch people's diet soda requests with regular or vice versa. It stopped when a big, angry superchick came in and let the whole restraunt know that she planned legal retribution for us causing a reaction in her child, who was (you guessed it) diabetic.

Long story short, that guy got fired on the spot.

S. E. Ward said...

Ugh, yeah. My problems are when they don't use the soymilk I asked for (cow's milk and I don't get on), and when they try to slip me black, green or white tea instead of red or herbal. The first one is annoying; the second will kill me. I've just stopped ordering anything in a cup and make a beeline for the bottled juice. Mmm, juice.