Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Reasons I Won't Be Reading the Twilight Series

This neatly sums up everything I intuited about the books.

They just stank too much of that Anne Bishop "I'm writing a feminist romance ha ha ha just kidding there are cock rings and child rape and incest but really I had feminist intentions because so many women just can't get over how hottt guys are which makes them weak and prone to rape and incest and falling in love with their rapists because rapists are hottt" thing.

Rapists, vampires, werewolves... whatever. You know, hottt dudes that you should "save yourself" for.


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Kris said...

Hm, now I'm glad I put it back on the shelf after flicking thru a few pages. Tho' the main thing that bothered me was (at least in the Australian editions) the books are seriously as thick as bricks - but padded out by big margins and large type.
Enjoy your week off of training :)