Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh, the Wilderness!

I've lived in Alaska.

I've lived in South Africa.

I've lived in rural Washington.

The longest I've ever gone without power was while living 5 miles outside of downtown Dayton, OH.

Seriously, people.

Went off about 1pm yesterday, and still isn't back on as of this morning. The only real annoyance was lack of any time keeping device, once the cell phone died. The upshot? My insulin pump PDM does, in fact, keep time. Which is why I arrived at work on time.

Power was on at The Greene all night (there's nothing more frustrating than seeing the lights on right across the parking lot while you're in the dark. I suspect they had generators), so that's where I had dinner, but the food in the fridge is pretty much a wash. Which is a bitch and a half when you have an actual food budget.

It was a pretty awesome windstorm, tho.

And contemplating electricity in the dark last night, I realized why there's no electricity in the bel dame books.

So it wasn't a totally useless exercise.

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John Arkwright said...


My heart goes out to you.

In Louisiana we got ice storms that would knock the power out for a few days. Louisiana is disfunctional in most respects. I can say that since I was born there and left my heart there, though I'm not moving my butt back there.

Eric Shonkwiler said...

I live in Springfield. Got people just down the street without power, towns all over without power, but the rest of my neighborhood is a little nest of electricity.

We did lose internet for a while, though.