Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Why is it...

... that writing actually gets *harder* the happier I become?

I think it's just a matter of getting back into constant practice. Giving myself a long break as a reward may not be the best way to manage my new writing all day/writing books all night lifestyle.

Because socializing and gym time have to come in there sometime. Also, cookery, modding, and WoWing... and movies. And French. And... reading. And...

I need a more structured activity schedule.

3 comments so far. What are your thoughts?

Jess said...

I kind of hate to be That Girl and quote the news at you, but CNN totally just talked about this, or something pretty similar.


Jeremy said...

I have a hard time writing when I am happy too. Since I got my life a bit more on track, I found it nearly impossible. Thus my retirement.

Kameron Hurley said...

Yeah, I've read similiar things about creativity and depression. There's no doubt that I've written the most when depressed. I don't know if the quality was better, tho.

For me, it's not that I *can't* write, it's just that I don't have the same sort of compulsion. It's like I'm getting everything out in real life, so I don't have to bottle it up and drive it into my writing.

I have no problem with corporate writing, prob'ly cause it's, like, bare necessity stuff, whereas being ahead with my book deadlines makes me pretty apathetic when it comes to dithering around with openings for book 3. That, and the happiness, of course. There are just other things that I don't feel guilty for doing.

But, you know, after being miserably moody for most of my life (insulin! What a wonderful cure!), it's weird to figure out who I am when I'm not, you know, miserably moody. Life has been ridiculous since I signed my book contract.