Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cooking and Reading

... about sums up my life right now. There's gymming in there as well, but I'm down to 3-4 times a week instead of the coveted 6. Blame my social life.

To be honest, I've quite happily traded those two days of cardio for extra bedroom shenanigans. Same general end result, tho, yeah?

This week's most exciting thing was being reminded that The Women of Our Occupation has been published in Swedish. I received my contributor's copies and $50 this week. I promptly spent the $50 on a new director's chair (which finally caved in after 6 years of use and numerous repairs) and a proper spice rack.

Looking back on it, I probably should have bought a printer. Eh. Budgeted for that next month. The spice rack makes me happier.

Though I love my life, I've recently felt that old, lingering ache for a proper kickboxing class. I can't find any at my gym or at the Y. They'll hold them on occasion, but there's no regular month-to-month class, and most of the ones at the gym are held at 10am (WTF?). Fuck this spinning shit, where's my kickboxing?

Yeah, I miss it. You can only do weight training and triathlon cardio for so long before you just want to... you know... hit things. Hard.

I'll be starting college classes again in January, working toward that company-paid-for degree in Marketing. Because hey: who doesn't want to defer their student loans and broaden their skills base? And not have to go into debt for it? (epic win!)

I've also been spending a lot of time looking for freelance jobs, which are about as tough to find as you might expect. Generally, the freelancing gigs you get aren't going to be from blind resume submissions where you fight for attention with 300 other people - it's gigs you get from friends/colleagues who know that you write.

Overall, life is busy in a good way. Doing tons of research for book 3, which involves a lot of reading about murder, Islam, the Middle East, assassination, and bugs. It's a steady diet, right there alongside my new diabetic-friendly pecan cookies.

Work continues to feed me a steady stream of interesting projects that keep me in health insurance. I do love my day job, for all the craziness it sometimes brings. You just can't beat being paid (and health insured) to write for a living, even if you're sometimes stuck writing handouts about the difference in dependent status between a "qualifying child" and a "qualifying relative."

Life is bloody wonderful.

Off to Cincinnati on Friday.

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KJ said...

May I recommend the Hits & Mitts class at Drake's Jab City Boxing downtown? The gym is located at 4th & St. Clair and is as nasty a gym as you'll find. The boxing class is amazing though!

I had to make fall season my last of rugby due to 12 years of wear and tear on my knee and I picked up this boxing class to fill the void. While there is no kicking in this class, the hitting is fantastic!

I go on Monday & Wednesday nights at 6 (though I may pass tonight because I'm getting over a terrible case of the stomach flu), Tues & Thurs at noon, and I try to make the Saturday class at 9. Depends how late I'm out!

You have to buy wraps ($6 at Dicks or $10 at Drakes) but they have gloves you can use. If you decide to go and give me a heads up I can bring a friend's wraps and gloves for you to use -- they will be slightly less smelly :) Drop in classes are 10 bucks.

Drop me a line if you're interested! It's my new obsession!