Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Such a Great Day to Live in Ohio

I love me some swing-statin'.

That is, when it swings the way you hope.

I still don't believe it, tho.

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Chris said...

A three years back, I was at a Sleater-Kinney show in NYC, and saw a hipster wearing a shirt that read, in iron-on letters, "WHAT THE FUCK, OHIO?" Today, though, all I've got to say is thanks. That, and well done.

Chris said...

About. About three years back. Not "A three years back." I should know better than to comment before coffee.

Kameron Hurley said...

If you look at the county map, it looks depressing, but a closer look shows that pretty much all the big cities went Obama.

Cincinnati, Columbus, the northern ones of course, but Dayton too! Even little, conservative, fucked-up Dayton! And I think that's a definately a testament to how hard the Obama campaign worked out here. They were knocking down doors to get folks to vote, registering people on the street; they flyered my apartment complex pretty much every day in the week leading up to the election.

They fought hard for Ohio, and I'm please as punch that they got it.