Sunday, November 02, 2008

Well, shit.

I registered to vote when I got my Ohio license at the BMV back in, what, May? July?

I specifically remember being asked if I wanted to register to vote. I remember filling out the forms. I remember hearing that it was taken care of.

I have not, however, received notice of my polling station. So I logged in online today to look it up.

And lo and behold, my friends: according to Ohio, I am not registered to vote.

It occurs to me that I should have checked this 30 days ago, but why, when I'd registered at the BMV?

There's a reason this is a swing state. Should I not have said out loud I was an independent?

This will be the first election I can't vote in since I turned 18. I can't even vote in Illinois. I can't vote, period.

I could get terribly upset about this, but it's my own fault. I knew things in swing states were wacky. It was the first time I'd registered in this state. I should have double checked my status 30 days ago when folks were posting about checking your status 30 days out.

Mmmmmm swing states.

I'm going to feel like shit if Ohio goes to McCain.

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tyim courts said...

damn guess i'll have to vote twice!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of secretary of state Jennifer Brunner. And yes, Ohio is going McCain.

Kameron Hurley said...

You can only vote twice if you vote Republican, silly rabbit!

This is OHIO!

Josh said...

If it makes you feel better, I have a similar problem in New Mexico, where if you're under 25, it takes months to get a driver's license and, therefore, months to register to vote. So when I went in a month ago, they were like "yeah, tough shit."

Kameron Hurley said...

We're so silly for thinking that the governments *wants* us to vote!!