Monday, January 12, 2009

Look What Arrived Today.... OmniPoddery

Doesn't look like something that should have taken that much effort, does it?

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debra said...

Well, its about time. I read the saga and was holding my breath that they were actually shipped out.

I'm sure you're a very happy girl.


Kameron Hurley said...

heh. I was pretty interested to see how it would all turn out, too... bloody crazy.

Kirsten said...


Kris said...

Hurrah! We salute you!
Having just seen the documentary "Sicko" for the first time on Friday night, I was holding my breath for you too (and you're *fully insured*, right? Mein Gott)
Enjoy the podness

inkgrrl said...


Deborah said...

I'm sorry that it's so difficult for you to get the basic medical supplies! I hope your insurance wakes up and is better to you in terms of your medicine so you won't have to deal with this anymore.