Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Public Responses to Sexist Behavior

I love how absolutely dazed and perplexed he looks in this video, like he has no idea he did something completely rude and inappropriate.

This is what got me about the whole boobgate thing. I realize that we, as women, are taught to make nice. We're taught to just smile and take it. "Ha ha, yes, I'm just a squeeze toy." But the more people who publicly make it clear that this behavior is not OK, the less we'll see of it.

You'll note his response to the incident later, "The real scandal was that she slapped me - not my boob grabbing!" There's a whole subset of people who believe this is totally OK behavior.

I know we're taught to grin and bear it. But that's not the way you change the world.

2 comments so far. What are your thoughts?

Marina said...

Wow what a moron he is. Excellent response from her.

Chai Latte said...

Three cheers for the lady! I'd have done the same. Also with very loud verbal emasculation.