Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yes, Ohio Drivers Really Do Suck

Every time I come back to the PNW, I'm struck by just how well everyone drives.

Yes, yes, I know we have a hatred for drivers in every state (everyone's a bad driver who isn't us!), but after living in Ohio and Illinois and driving around Indiana a lot, I learned a new appreciation for PNW drivers. But how much of this was just my own bias? So I decided to look up the states with the top 10 worst driving records. AND LO AND BEHOLD....

Here are the states with the worst rate of traffic accidents, in order:

1.) Pennsylvania
2.) Michigan
3.) Illinois
4.) Ohio
5.) Georgia
6.) Minnesota
7.) Virginia
8.) Indiana
9.) Texas
10.) Wisconsin

See, I am not just biased! Ohio and Indiana really *are* full of bad drivers! 

2 comments so far. What are your thoughts?

Kelly said...

I am absolutely shocked that New York is not on that list. And oddly, during my last road trip from Albany to Chicago, I found the most courteous drivers in Ohio. There were more maniacs in New York than Illinois and Indiana combined. Of course, my driving WAS confined to I-90. That might have made all the difference.

Kameron Hurley said...

I haven't driven much in New York. I know that in Chicago proper, drivers aren't bad at all, but not sure about the rest of the state. Indiana, tho... there was a main thoroughfare I stayed just off and every day I was there there was an accident on that road. Four lanes. It was crazy.