Friday, January 21, 2005

Barbara Boxer For President

If this administration is remembered, by historians, for the fuck-up it is (and as somebody with historical training, I can tell you that the verdict is well, well out at this point. We won't know for years just how the text books will write up this one. Victors write history), then I want them to remember this, too, and get this woman running for President next time around:

For the second time this month, California's junior senator has thrown a wrench into the works of the second-term White House machine. She did it two weeks ago, when she was the only senator to object to the certification of electoral votes from Ohio. And she did it this week, on the eve of George W. Bush's second inauguration, when she put hard questions to Rice and then cast a committee vote against her confirmation. Ohio's electoral votes were eventually counted, and Rice will eventually be confirmed. But largely because of Boxer, the road has been rockier than the White House had expected; the vote on Rice's confirmation will be delayed until next week so Senate Democrats can have time to debate it.

Interview excerpt, Boxer:" We live in a democracy. This isn't a monarchy. The people's opinion is very important here, and right now 58 percent of them are worried about the way this war is going. And so many people watched the hearing. I was very happy to get thousands and thousands of phone calls and e-mails and the rest. And that's what saves the country many times, the people of this country. If we start abusing power, they catch you. That's what I want to do, keep the people engaged. I was really pleased with the breadth and the depth of the questions that were asked, and I like to think that I had something to do with that."

Remember right now that she said this was fucked up, said it with her votes, in a public forum, however "inevitable" the final decision. The only senator to speak up once, one of two to stand up to Rice.

Remember that.

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Anonymous said...

Barbara Boxer is my hero! Did you watch her questioning Rice? Fabulous. She is one of the few democratic senators with the spine to stand up to the administration and stand up for what she believes in. Where do I sign up to work for her presidential campaign? 

Posted by Shannon

Anonymous said...

Damn, no, I didn't catch her questioning. I'm sure I can find clips somewhere... 

Posted by Kameron Hurley

Anonymous said...

I sent Sen. Boxer a long, ecstatic e-mail congratulating her on being one of the few elected representatives willing to call bullshit on this administration. She makes me proud to be a Californian. As a transplanted New Yorker, that's saying a lot :)

Let's get the bumper stickers started now, BOXER IN '08. 

Posted by Amy