Friday, January 21, 2005

No Shit

Wow. When I posted about this months and months ago, I assumed it was a total liberal conspiracy theory. Seriously. I didn't believe they'd do it. I didn't believe they could.

Let's not give the response everyday Germans gave after WWII: know right now that you'll never, ever be able to say, "We didn't know."

WASHINGTON, Jan. 20 - Just hours before being sworn in for a second term, Vice President Dick Cheney publicly raised the possibility on Thursday that Israel "might well decide to act first" to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

And I have to live with it. Why? Who do I fight to stop a bigger fight? Because it doesn't stop at "Just Afghanistan (Austria)" and then "Just Iraq (Poland)" it goes on and on and on until you fuck with somebody who's stronger than you. It took Roosevelt and Churchill being best buddies and rumors about Roosevelt making us take a hit so we'd come together to stop Hitler.

Who the hell stops the US?

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Anonymous said...

Well, for one, soldiers in Iraq are stopping the US as we speak, every day. That's the thing with invading a country and pretending they'll accept you as liberators--it doesn't hold.

Also, it might be good to note that the original source of your original post was sure that everything was going to happen before the US elections. So what the info amounts to is saying that 'Hey, wouldn't it be a trip if Israel and the US attacked Iran together?' And Cheney is at least on the face of it saying something very different--he doesn't want Israel directly involved at all. Of course, who knows what he means from what he says... 

Posted by jp

Anonymous said...

As some whose great grandfather was beaten on two nonconsecutive occasions, and can’t begin to articulate what an insult it is to my family and myself that you would compare George Bush to a demagogue. From a historical point of view I am sure that I do not need to remind you that Hitler never came close to winning the popular vote in Germany, nor do I need to remind that Hitler executed a mentally handicapped relative in his cause, or that he murder Jews, homosexuals, and trade unionists because he was absolutely insane. Any insinuation that Hitler was anywhere near an intelligent person would make me question the sanity of someone how had the audacity to utter such an insulting remark. As far as the execution of Jews, homosexuals, and trade unionist is concerned the breadth of the German people had no knowledge to the extent of the crimes committed until after Nuremberg. Germans didn’t protest because Hitler made them proud to be Germans after an embarrassing defeat, which is right out of the political playbook.
George Bush on the other hand is a champion of women’s and homosexual right throughout the world. Under George Bush homosexuals are no longer burn alive in Afghanistan and it is no longer State policy to brutalize women for not covering up head-to-toe. In Iraq George freed another 25 million people. Saddam Hussein will no longer be free to harbor Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hezbollah. Saddam will no longer be free to put bounties on the heads of Israeli school children. Saddam Hussein will no longer be free to murder the members of his own society that he does not like. After World War Two, German resistance lasted for four years and Iraq will be no different. George Bush stood up what he believed went head first into what he felt was right, when others of lesser fortitude did not. You damn the United States for inaction in Rwanda and then damn us for action in Iraq. In 12 years of sanctions 700,000 Iraq civilians died under sanction. I’m sure you, and other like you, could have thought up a peaceful way of bringing human rights to these countries, but you did not and people suffered. If you have a better idea then share it if not, pick up a gun and start fighting, or be like me and just say thank you Mr. President for have courage when so many other did not.

Posted by Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Dude, relax, Steve. We can debate this over the phone.  

Posted by Kameron Hurley