Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Denver's Continuing Fuckups: And Why It Matters to You

From the state that brought you Littleton and the fucked-up still-unsolved Jonbenet Ramsey case comes the latest fuck-up by the Denver police. Not only was their latest serial rapist just out of prison... for being a serial rapist, but he confessed his post-prison crimes to the police and was released from their custody due to red tape issues. He then went out and assaulted more women and young boys.

As if that wasn't enough, some dipshit sent out all of the personal information about the two women he most recently assaulted - including their names - to a bunch of accountants "by accident." In fact, they didn't even know it had gotten out until the local news station brought to their attention the fact that they now had the names and details of the assault victims (this was just on the local 4 news, I can't find an internet article yet).

Go Denver police!

And guess what I was doing this morning? Why, I was walking to work from my hotel... my, my, it occured to me halfway over there, "I wonder if they've caught that rapist yet?"

Ah, yes. This is why police fuck-ups matter, because when you've got a predator on the streets who primarily attacks women and girls and young boys, you've got over half the population of a city looking over their shoulders. I sometimes wonder if people fuck this shit up on purpose, just to keep everybody afraid. Fuckers.

And to top off my day, which began by me looking at the news of the missing pregnant woman and her son and thinking, "Duh. The boyfriend did it," I returned home to find that yes, indeed, the boyfriend did it. And you know what, it actually got to me. It made me teary-eyed, that it was so bloody fucking obvious, that the person who fucking kills you is somebody who was supposed to give a shit about you.

Because a real man slaughters his girlfriend and her kid. That's pretty fucking manly, isn't it?

Please take your self-defense classes, my chiklits. Until guys get their shit together, about all you've got to rely on is yourself.

I'm just... disappointed.

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Anonymous said...

Great post, it certainly DOES matter to us that criminals are running around loose. We can't always depend on the police to protect us. 

Posted by blue2go

Anonymous said...

While I, as a guy, am sickened by the "most popular cause of death for pregnant woman is at the hands of the father" statistic, and while I, as a guy who doesn't hit his wife, am battling instant defensiveness about the notion that guys as a group don't have their shit together... I think everyone should take self-defense classes.

Or, if not street-level self-defense, take boxing. Or stickfighting (escrima or some other flavor). Or kendo. Or judo, even though it is designed specifically to have the nastiest stuff removed from it (jujitsu minus the stuff that can't be done safely in a sport format, generally speaking). Even if you're not taking a claws-to-the-eyes, heel-to-the-groin, rabbit-punch-to-the-throat kind of martial art, taking SOMETHING.

And that goes for the guys as well as the gals. Guys are also victimized by crime, and learning how to do SOMETHING to someone will always help. And from the getting-shit-together standpoint, the more people actually practice something like that, putting their aggressions into it and taking their stress out on a bag, the less likely they are to take it out on someone in real life. Once you've done enough of something to see how ugly and random and not-penis-growth-causing actual live violence is, you're a lot less likely to get violent due to insecurity or fear. It makes people more effective at actually fighting, yes, but it also tends to make people less likely to get into those fights in the first place. 

Posted by Patrick

Anonymous said...

Here's those CDC stats. I was citing on the issue of 'intimate partner violence' awhile back:


It's a very serious issue, and the facts are ugly enough to be telling.  

Posted by VJ