Sunday, February 13, 2005

Night Thoughts

An incredibly lazy day, full of me wondering why I felt so stressed-out and lethargic (answer: cause my brain won't shut up). Watched a lot of movies. Realized blogging has given me a shitty attention span. I'll need to start taking out my internet card when I sit down to write. This shit's gotta stop.

I also realized something tonight, feeling incredibly tired, worried about missing this week's MA classes, wishing that this week I've so looked forward to was just *over* already, thought about all the things I wanted to do, I needed to do, how silly I was for being concerned about stuff of very little importance that I really shouldn't even be thinking about... and I realized that it's never going to be perfect.

I'm never going to get everything done that I want to do in a week, cause that means trips to New York or Glasgow or Egypt won't happen. Getting locked into the "perfect" routine only means that I'll be less flexible when the good stuff comes up.

I'm never going to have a perfect week. It's never going to be perfect. I'm never going to get everything done.

Relax. Sit back. Enjoy. Have fun getting on a plane. Hope for clear weather in New York/New Jersey.

Enjoy yourself for once. Shit, woman.

I'll be up early and on a plane tomorrow morning, heading out. Mixed feelings. Books are packed.

And I'm incredibly, incredibly tired.

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Anonymous said...

I'm betting that there were not supposed to be 3 of the same 'Night thoughts' post here, only one of which can be commented upon BTW. 

Posted by VJ

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I was so tired last night I didn't realize I'd multi-posted... 

Posted by Kameron Hurley