Friday, February 25, 2005

The Pope

Gosh, sure is lucky he had the choice to have an elective surgery, huh? Sure is great that the Catholic church thinks going to the hospital for an elective surgery is OK, if it can potentially improve and lengthen your quality of life.

How thoughtful of them, to let him choose how he'd like to be cared for. I mean, could you imagine having the procedure in place that could potentially allow him to lead a better life, but him being unable to make that choice because his religion said that only God could play God and that humans had no right to interfere with the body's "natural" processes? Like, say, birth and death?

He sure is lucky to be a white man with choices. White men sure are lucky that way.

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Anonymous said...

Right on! And why is HE worth such wide news coverage anyway? He's just one man, no one important! 

Posted by Phyllis

Anonymous said...

Yes, he sure is lucky to be an 84 year-old man with a debiltating case of Parkinson's disease, who- even though fetal stem cell research could potentially benefit him as much as anyone- still insists killing the unborn is wrong. What a hypocrite!

And, obviously, if the pope were told that his having such surgery would have resulted in the death of *anyone* else- from a woman on death row to an unborn child- the Pope would clearly have.... would clearly have... well, he would cleary have not had the surgery, and would therefore have died. What a brute!

And, obviously, all white men are scum. Clearly, none of them have ever voted for suffrage, or abolition of slavery, or for child labor laws. Clearly, women have no choices whatsoever- they aren't taught to read or write, aren't allowed to leave their homes, they aren't permitted to drive, and they certainly aren't given any choice in who they marry or have sex with. Wow, those oppressive white men... we should make them all pay. Especially the pope. It's not like he's ever fought against injustice in his homeland or anything, uniting people against an oppressive Communist regime. It's not like he's spoken out against poverty and economic injustice, in the tradition of a hundred and fifty years of Catholic Social Teaching, and continually urged that we must come to the aid of the most helpless among us. What a creep! 

Posted by Matthew Minix