Friday, February 25, 2005

You're In Trouble

Mosh just took me aside with the immortal words, "You're in trouble," and put me in a closed-door meeting with him.

Thoughts running through my head:

1) Somebody's been checking my internet time. I'm screwed.

2) Somebody found my blog

3) Somebody found out that I'm staying at the Grand Hyatt week after next

4) Hopefully, I'll be fired.

In fact, Mosh was totally being a smartass, and he'd brought me in to discuss my $1000 yearly bonus that just got deposited into my account. 40% is stock, 60% is cash, but all of the taxes come out of the cash, so I've only got an extra $221 in my account.

Not exactly a high-roller.

I was thanked for doing what I do (what do I do, exactly?) and thanked for my willingnes to travel, and told what an asset I was and blah blah and hope you'll be here many years to come and blah.

I swear, people can totally sense when you're completely fed up with your job and ready to jump ship.

4 comments so far. What are your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

or, given your recent posts about your job, they DID find your blog. :) 

Posted by jpjeffrey

Anonymous said...

Man, I just let my Division Manager know about my complete disillusionment -- they refuse to buy technology that was built in this century, thus ensuring that my skill set gets nicely obsolete and trapping me here. "Then we're stuck with each other, aren't we?" she said brightly. I didn't shove a whiteboard eraser down her throat. I just thought about it REAL LOUD.

Damn mortgages. 

Posted by Ab_Normal

Anonymous said...

Yes, damn mortgages.

I wish they could tell when somebody's ready to jump ship, at least around here. Yesterday morning I called a recruiter and yesterday afternoon one of the developers told me that I needed a month at a Zen Buddhist monastery and some herbal tea. He was right. I'd take the bonus and raise behind door number 2 as a temporary substitute...  

Posted by inkgrrl

Anonymous said...

Yep, damn the mortgages and excessive debts. Student loans are most people's first mortgages. If you've got kids, it's hard to discharge or payoff the debts quickly, but it can be done. We paid off our first one in under 7 years, our second home in under 2. Then we stopped working for the man, and got to buy into and run a business in the same field. That's complicated and dangerous and very time consuming, but it really cuts down on plenty of petty crap.

And no, 1 weeks rent in cash is probably not enough to impress most people for long. They're still playing Kameron for a fool, but hopefully she's got their number now. They will use you like an expendable piece of equipment if you let them, for the moment the best course is to make that as expensive as possible for them w/o them having the recourse to train another replacement. There is an internal algorithm for the business calculus here. They know it, and so do you.  

Posted by VJ