Thursday, May 26, 2005

I Get Paid Tomorrow

Oh, sweet lord, thank you.

I've really got to figure out how to pay for dinner dates and books at the same time.

Truly, one of the great challenges of our age.

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Anonymous said...

Cook for him at home. Have the ingredients supplied to you (he may or may not have to pay for all of them, right)? Call it even. Save 30-40%+ on dinner, show off your talents in a more intimate setting than any restaurant. If at the end of the pay period you've got shy of $2, this is what any decent bloke would love to expect.

And Dinner dates or books? Don't make it so hard on the boy! Compromise. Tell him to bring the books with him. But in my house this would be a sealed deal.

A book is always on my shelf waiting to be enjoyed over and over again, Years, decades later. Gandpa can't say that now can he? Well he might, but my books can get foxed, but never cranky! (Sort of like the dog comparison, only with cheaper upkeep). 

Posted by VJ