Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Getting Back Into It, cont.

Been working on figuring out an exercise schedule that doesn't involve me paying out the ass every month. I turned my daily lunchtime powerwalk into a walk/jog yesterday, and that worked well. The route's 40 minutes at my current pace (as I get faster, I can extend it), so if I bring a towel to work to wipe myself down and just go for it, I can get in my daily jog at work every day and not worry about, "But I'm home now," workout laziness.

Add my weight routine (15-20 min) in the morning, and I'm pushing over an hour of exercise a day. The goal is to add in 20 min of pilates when I get home at night (I have two 20 min workouts that I can alternate), and I can push that to an hour and a half of exercise 5 days a week.

Not too shabby.

Still miss hitting stuff, and I'm looking for a cheap punching bag that I can use to work off stress and keep up my punching practice while I try to save up the money I've been spending on the gym.

When the money situation eases off, I can go back to formal training. Until then, I gotta make do.

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Anonymous said...

I'm curious how your energy levels work directly after exercise. I tried doing some aerobic exercise at lunch, like I know a lot of people do, but I usually experience an hour or two of tiredness directly after, followed by an upswing after that--which means from 1-3 I'm dead, and for the last couple of hours of work, I'm energized (which, frankly, is weird).

I've been told that once I get into better shape, that energized feeling comes more quickly, and lasts longer (and I do know that I feel GENERALLY more energized when I'm exercising regularly...). Just curious, as somebody who's tried several kinds of regimen, what your experience has been. 

Posted by jpjeffrey

Anonymous said...

I do feel better pretty immediately after a workout, usually after I cool down (it may help that it's in the middle of the day - when I was doing my MA class stuff, I had a low point for about half an hour of cool-down exhaustion, then felt too "high" to go to bed - though I sure as hell wished I would have the next morning). It's not an "exhausted" feeling after these power walks/jogs so much as it's a sort of comfortable clarity, and I feel better the rest of the night, as well, not so sluggish and twitchy.

I've also noticed that I sleep a lot better, and for somebody who enjoys sleeping as much as I do, that's a big plus. 

Posted by Kameron Hurley