Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Getting Back Into It

So, I've started to go soft and doughy, like cookies. Like cookie dough, which I've decided is a very Buffy-appropriate way to describe my state post-MA school.

My morning weight routine has been spotty, and what it really needs is a dynamic overhaul. Every six months or so, it's good to just change the whole thing out and do different exercises. Also, my pushups count is ridiculously low, and I need to get it back up to 50. Currently, I'm not even at a continuous 30. I'm at more like, uh... 20. On a good day.

I told you: it's sad.

There's also the big issue of figuring out a good gym for me. The MA school wiped me out, moneywise, and with things so tight, I need to find a place that offers some boxing or kickboxing classes, pilates, and access to regular cardio machines so I can get back to a regular workout schedule. I miss it, and not just for the not-being-soft-and-doughy part. The endorphin rush at the end of the day is always a pleasure.

And, to be honest, I just feel stonger and more confident when I've got some classes under my belt for the week.

And, to be honest...

I really miss beating the shit out of stuff.

The solution to that may be to get a punching bag and just keep it on our back porch and head out there whenever I'm pissed to burn off some energy. I've still got my handwraps, and I think it would really be good for me.

In the meantime, I'm getting back to my lunch hour power walking routine, which bit it here during those 90+ days we had. Walking outside was like moving into an oven, and I've been lax about it. Time to get back on the ball.

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Anonymous said...

feeling your pain, Kameron -- I've been keeping up pretty well with the cycling & the weights but have sort of plateaued for too long now -- trying to kick-start it somehow. The other day I brought my running shoes home from the gym thinking I might try running in the morning before it gets too hot. Last night I dreamed I was putting them on and running running running & it felt great. This morning I woke up with the worst athlete's foot I've had in ages (sorry if that falls into the too much info realm for anyone, but there you have it). I've been wondering all morning what it means: Don't run? Run more? Drink less beer? Get new flip-flops for the locker room? Did I dream about running just because my feet were bothering me in my sleep, and I associate closed running shoes with fungus? I know! I need new running shoes! I wonder if there are any running sandals... after much searching I found cycling sandals with cleats for my clipless pedals & I totally love them. 

Posted by alphabitch