Wednesday, June 22, 2005

You Did *Not* Just Say That...

In response to Danica Patrick's strong finish at the Indy 500: "You know, I have this wonderful idea... women should be dressed in white, like all other domestic appliances."

What century am I living in?

(thanks, B)

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Anonymous said...

Pretty unimaginative guy there, right? It's the serious competition that puts them off. Who would have suspected, right? 

Posted by VJ

.:Erica:. said...

This guy is why all of us women are having issues getting ahead in a very chauvanistic sport.

If we're all supposed to be 'domestic appliances', then someone PLUG MY ASS IN... and LOOKOUT!


Anonymous said...

See, I like American football, and American football players and commentators say enough stupid crap that I try to avoid blaming the sport for the stupid things that people who represent the sport in an official capacity say.

But still...

Is saying that going to help your event's ratings? Is saying that going to make people who were already there be even happier? No. It's just going to piss off the people you could have reached by taking the woman's performance and talking about how it's great to see the sport changing, and how they're seeing a new generation of women who aren't intimidated and are ready to compete, and it's bringing some great new blood into the field.

Duh. Even if you're a horse's ass who believes all the sexist crap you say, talk to your PR guy. You could have just bumped your ratings a ton right there.


Posted by Patrick

Anonymous said...

Patrick - the part that really throws me is that *he called her up and repeated it to her.*

The guy's 74 years old. I think he thought he was being funny.

Somebody needed to tell him otherwise. He can say whatever he wants of course, but he sure as hell better realize how it's being taken.  

Posted by Kameron Hurley