Sunday, September 18, 2005

Getting There

I have 34 more chapters to line-edit by Friday. I'm on pass 3. Haven't done much else this weekend except laundry, grocery shopping, reading the first chapters of all of the big fantasy sagas on my shelf, and trying to ignore the Lost marathon that Jenn & K are indulging in.

Ignoring Lost has been very difficult. It's a sweet little show.

But NO!! I MUST BE STRONG!! I can't get addicted to another tv show. I... must... work... write... yes... must... work...

Also, I slaughtered a bunch of nations playing Cossaks.

heh heh

That was great.

Then I worked on some fight scenes for God's War.

That was sweet.

Lost is still playing.


Michelle Rodriguez is guest starring in season two.


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