Sunday, September 18, 2005

You Mean Men and Women Are Just People?

A study has found that the differences between men and women have been vastly overestimated... The American study found significant differences in only 22% of traits. These included sexual behaviour, where men were less willing to show commitment, and in aggression — men were more prone to anger. Men were also, the psychologists found, better at skills involving co-ordination such as throwing.

Hyde analysed the studies by recalculating the data from them so they were comparable. In 30% of the traits analysed, she found almost no difference that was statistically significant between men and women, while there were only small differences in another 48%. “This means 78% of potential gender differences are small or close to zero,” she said.

And even these differences could be largely explained away by the ways men and women are raised to use their bodies, how to rate relationships and commitment in their lives, and how to react when threatened or frustrated.

(via Jennifer Warwick)

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Anonymous said...

Interesting paper, that. In fact it seems to be available for free from APA (American Psychological Association).

Among the most interesting things, I think, was that gender differences in how often a person smiled (smiling often is assumed to be a feminine trait, I would guess) and in agression were much larger when people were aware of being watched and identified . When allowed to be anonymous, women were roughly as agressive as men. And differences in smiling frequency were much smaller.  

Posted by Darjeeling