Monday, October 31, 2005

Good Cancer-Lovin' Fun

A new vaccine that protects against cervical cancer has set up a clash between health advocates who want to use the shots aggressively to prevent thousands of malignancies and social conservatives who say immunizing teenagers could encourage sexual activity.

"Teenagers" is actually code for:

GIRLS. Women. Female. Just wanted to remind everybody that boys don't get cervical cancer. In this case, gender-neutral "teenager" might throw you off.

Oddly, nobody's talkin' bout withholding a cancer vaccine from all those young hoodlum boys on Prom night!

And people say women are all "paranoid" and shit about all that religion mixin' with women's health services.

Why oh why could that be?

(via Pandagon)

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Jennifer L. said...


yes, because teenage girls are so worried about cancer of any sort. of course, this doesn't even make a twisted sort of sense. it's like if anyone says anything about vaginas, the conservatives are all, "SHH, if you don't talk about it, they may not notice it's there!" 

Posted by jp

ScottM said...

I'm sure glad this vaccine is proof against pregnancy, aids, and... hold on, they can still use those scare tactics?

What an unveiling of our "culture of life". 

Posted by ScottM

Anonymous said...

That administering a safe vaccine against cancer could ever be twisted into a debate about sexual morality is not only absurd, but also frightening. The direction of this country is nightmarish. It makes me think of those old groups that told girls and women to fight rapists, even if it meant they'd be killed for it. 2005 and people still seem to believe chastity is more precious than life itself. 

Posted by Vandy801