Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I Tucked in My Shirt Today

And the world did not recoil in horror.

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LavaLady said...

I know this feeling! I wore a long sleeve t shirt with a short sleeve layered over it the other day and looked... normal. It was the oddest thing. But If I ever tuck in a sweater, time will stand still - that just can't happen.

I like having a good relationship with my body (even if it's just like any relationship, not always so good). 

Posted by lavalady

April said...

What a badass website!! :) I'm going to have to come and stop by here again. Just bloghopping. 

Posted by April

Kameron Hurley said...

Yea, I went clothes shopping last night, and discovered I've slid neatly back into a comfortable size 16 and can squeeze into 14s again. And you know, really, it's time. It's taken me two years to get back to this size, and I'm happy with it. Wouldn't mind being back to 12/14 fighting shape, but I don't mind taking another year to get back there, being nice to my body, eating right, exercising, being healthy and not fucking killing myself over it. Slow is good. I'm tired of binge and purge cycles. They exhaust me.

Just need to remind myself that nobody really cares if my shirt is tucked in. Yea, I have a pooch. It is OK. If this were the Old West, I'd be a baby-making MACHINE, I tell you.

heh heh.

So it goes. 

Posted by Kameron Hurley

jeff said...

slow IS good. I'm with ya. congrats 

Posted by jpjeffrey