Thursday, April 27, 2006

How To Be A Good Christian Wife

Ooooodles of entertainment. The comments are awesome

6 comments so far. What are your thoughts?

JeffV said...

That's one scary blog.

Amy said...

I'm pretty sure AnnieAngel's entire internet persona is satire. She is like a troll only she trolls her own sites instead of other peoples. It's brilliant actually.

Kameron Hurley said...

Yea, I've heard it's satire. Jenn totally insists it is.

It's highly, highly entertaining satire, however.

David D. Levine said...

This has  to be satire. I mean: "ALWAYS serve fresh orange juice. Only whores use frozen"? 

Posted by David D. Levine

Esme said...

I really want to believe that this is a parody. Specifically, a parody of 1950's era "rules" for housewives. I want to believe it so badly. I'm not entertained though, because it's painful for me to read things like this. It's painful because I know people who think this, and I see statements like this in every day life. I moved from St. Louis (a blue spot in a sea of red) to Deland, Florida, for college, and every day I face people who think this is true.

Lya Kahlo said...

That MUST be satire. If her husband needs her to wipe his ass for him, I doubt he allows her to use a computer. I mean, she might be polluted by the internet!

It's got to be joke.