Sunday, June 04, 2006


Totally bounced two checks this month.

$400 in medication costs and 2 weeks of unexpected no-work pay will do that (alas, I'd already sent out these checks before getting the news that I was getting $300 less this month). And yes, I paid for groceries this week with my credit card.

Oh, I just got a bill for over $800 from the hospital for the endocrinologist who treated me when I first came in. Hadn't gone to insurance yet, so I'm throwing it to them to take 80% off. Looks like the medical bills will come in piecemeal.

Oh yay.

Here we go!

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Steph said...

Read about your hospital bills and just wanted to make sure that you knew insurance legally has up to 90 days to respond to a claim. In the meantime, though, some health care providers will try to make you pay by sending their bill to you (even though the claim is pending). This happened when Ian had was diagnosed with his ulcer--the total hospital bill was $3800 and the hospital tried to make us pay because they felt our ins "wasn't responsive enough." Fortunetely, I worked in the medical field at the time so I was able to call their billing dept and say, "Not only will I not pay this, you should not even be contacting me until my claim is prcessed and my Explanation of Benefits (EOB) has been generated."

Know your rights.

Kameron Hurley said...

ha ha

I shall keep them in mind.

It's not like I can pay any of these up front anyway!

Esme said...

Oh how I wish I were one of those rich benefactresses, that I could support all those in need.