Monday, April 21, 2008

Stuff I Need to Work On

1) Getting into a writing routine here in the new digs

2) Cooking for myself again in the new digs (I'm so befuddled when I come home that making food just seems like too much trouble. But I don't have enough money [less and less now that I have the new digs] to go out)

3) Make a new budget. I have yet to put together the Official Budget for the New Digs. Mainly because I know it's going to be tight & moderately unhappy.

4) Finding a good source of laundry quarters. Washer/Dryer prices are obscene! $1.75 for a wash and $1.25 for dry. I brought $2.00 down with me last week thinking I had it covered. Oh no. Now I need to figure that into the budget as well, and plan to have the cash on hand for it (I no longer carry cash)

5) Fit my homework schedule around my writing schedule (and not vice versa).

6) Make a new workout schedule for the new digs.

I had a choice this month: Get the big work project done that's generating a bunch of sales revenue, or finish Black Desert.

I chose to get the Big Work Project done. It's official due date is May 1st. Black Desert's is next year.

And, let's face it: the day job pays my health insurance. Black Desert can wait an extra month to get finished.

Still. Kinda peeved about that.

Mainly, I'm teaching myself how to juggle. It's loads of fun, but sometimes it hurts my head.

3 comments so far. What are your thoughts?

Steph said...

You could always save the money that you would spend on laundry by going over to a friends house and using their washer and dryer...just a thought. ;)

Anonymous said...

when i lived alone I made my own low fat nachos most weeks and mexican refried beans mmmmmn
try here for inspiration best wishes Jacqui

Ismone said...

I miss cooking too. I cooked a lot when I lived in Alaska last year, but now, with a more demanding job, my idea of "cooking" is heating up Trader Joe's entrees. MMmmm, enchiladas. And rice bowls. I have taken to having my baby sister send me pictures of food porn to cheer me up. I haven't even READ my last three issues of Eating Well, which is my favorite cooking magazine in all the world. (And all their recipes are available free online! With nutritional information!) Okay, enough griping.

Hope your routine shapes up!