Saturday, August 15, 2009

Facts About Healthcare Reform

I'm all for healthy debate, but please, folks, read the facts before you go debating. Otherwise it's not debate, it's "OMG MY DEEP SEATED FEARS VOMITED IN PUBLIC AND CRAZY KNEE JERK REACTIONS TO DEEP SEATED PERSONAL ANXIETIES AND OMG DEATH PANELS" and that's just... not helpful.

Facts about healthcare reform here.

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Jackie M. said...

With 50 million Americans uninsured and such a huge chunk of the rest of us sending ourselves spiraling into debt paying for laughably inadequate coverage, I think scare tactics are pretty much the only viable option reform opponents have left.

Kameron Hurley said...

I've been seriously stunned by the reaction... then I was talking to a friend of mine about opposition to FDR's policies back during the Great Depression, and remembered that - at the time - he was violently hated by his opponents, and many of his social programs were immensely unpopular.

Sometimes what is popular is not always right, and vice versa. Still, the screaming has really turned up the sordid underbelly of racism, fear, bigotry, and hatred in America. As if we needed to vent any more of that. Ug.