Saturday, August 15, 2009

Urgency Care Tomorrow

What I love about reading Diabetes Mine (she's another Omnipod Pump user) is that pretty much anything that's happened to her while using the pump also, eventually, happens to me. She's got an incredible resource of t1 diabetes information that has really helped me get a handle on my illness and the most up to date info. There's nothing like reading the musings of another t1 who strives for optimum health.

I've been debating about whether to visit Urgency Care for my pump site infection, which, sadly, has not gotten better despite cleaning and dressing twice a day for the last two days (discovered it Thursday night when I pulled off my old pump to change it out).

Finally, I did some googling today and found this post about Amy's own pump site infection, which pretty much looks exactly like mine (only mine is on my thigh, and is redder than hers, as I was silly enough not to jump over to the doc immediately, as she did).

As I cleaned and drained the wound again tonight, I realized that if J. had something that looked this bad, I'd make him go to Urgency Care.

Yeah. Urgency Care tomorrow for me. Bah. I fucking hate doctors.

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Jackie M. said...

So what's the news?

Kameron Hurley said...

Antibiotics! It was a quick in-and-out visit, which was nice. It's already clearing up nicely. Would love to have a real immune system, tho.

Them's the breaks.