Friday, February 04, 2005

Good Night, Chiklits

Ah. Warms my heart.

thanks, Greg

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Anonymous said...

Whee! I love Get Fuzzy. And I especially love when cartoonists understand the gamer in some of us. ;-) Thanks for posting... wish I could keep up with your pace! 

Posted by Beverly

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I sent that one out to a few friends as well--a gamer friend of mine who recently bought a volvo, for one.  

Posted by jpjeffrey

Anonymous said...

Beverly - my blogging pace has to do with a couple of things 1) I have super sexy wireless internet throughout my house 2) I type about 80 WPM and finally, 3) I have a desk job where we experience huge blocks of literal downtime in which we mainly just show up and sit in front of our computers and play Antz or solitaire. The people who are salaried take the opportunity to jump ship, and those who work off cell phones get to hang out at home and - like Yellow - race motorcycles.

For those of us who are hourly, it means starting a blog, and ranting about Norman Mailer.

It's not a bad deal.  

Posted by Kameron Hurley