Friday, February 04, 2005

Oh, Shit

Yellow: Get your shit-kickers and your cowboy hat, we're going to Dallas.

Me: What the hell is this Dallas thing? Nobody said anything to me about it.

Yellow: You didn't get the e-mail from Mosh?

Me: Shit, no, nobody -- oh, shit, I didn't... oh

I didn't even bother opening up my work e-mail this morning. That's how little work I've actually been doing here in the office.

Open work e-mail...

Oh, shit. They've already made my hotel reservations. Dallas early next week, a meeting in New Jersey/New York at the end of the week... conference call this morning to see who's doing the New Jersey leg (oh, hell, just fly me out!).

This is the weirdest job. Sit on your ass for two weeks and then... GO!

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