Friday, February 04, 2005

To Reiterate:

1) There are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

2) Social Security will implode tomorrow, even if we don't steal all that money in order to pay off our war debts. Which we are NOT going to do.

3) The gays are not real Americans, and want to sodomize your children (though how or why the lesbians want to go about this, we're still unclear on)

4) Abortion isn't about controlling women, it's about protecting life, which is why we have such great childcare programs for welfare mothers

5) We are NOT, I repeat, NOT going to war with Iran.

Why is it I feel so cynical?

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Anonymous said...

Um, because poking yourself in the eyes with forks and banging your head on the table is not an option?

Cynicism is preventative medicine for madness. Just don't let it cure the anger. 

Posted by GM

Anonymous said...

Yep, as Lilly Tomlin says, no matter how cynical you get, you just can't keep up in modern politics. And thanks for that CNN link. We all recall the 'I've got no plans to invade Iraq on my desk...', that was a classic from both Bush and Rummy.

And I know this is off point and more surreal reality generation, but there is a little mortgage ad off to the right on that CNN linked page currently with the Condi/Iran story on it. The ad offers low mortgage rates, giving all the states they cover below a ginger bread man. The picture shows the ginger bread man(?) climbing out of what looks like a test tube filled with ??? Er... some white stuff, I'm not going to guess the origins of. Alternatively, he might be climbing out of a condom too. And he seems to be covered by it somewhat, again *We know not why*. I guess it's just the latest outrageous ad strategy. I don't know what it all means, but I got a good chuckle from it!  

Posted by VJ

Anonymous said...

OK, so you all may not be able to 'enjoy' that last bit I mentioned about that strange CNN ad, since I count no less than about 2 dozen ads circulating in that little ad space. They must be paid a pretty penny for the real estate.

In any case, I think the firm is '', and one of the ads now playing is a phallic looking corn cob doing the same bit. And no, I kid you not. I guess the boys in the back room actually think of all this BS in order to get our attention. (Yes, I guess it works too.)  

Posted by VJ

Anonymous said...

You aren't the only one feeling cynical. Even a Bushite that I know regrets her vote. *shudder* 

Posted by Be

Anonymous said...

Lesbians sodomize our children using strap-ons, of course. D'oh. Perfectly clear, if you think about it. (Just a note: This should be pegging the sarcasm-o-meter.) 

Posted by teep